Step 1 : View our products in our Online Shop.

To view all available products in our online shop, just click on the "Online Shopping" menu and you will see the list for all available categories in our online shop. Click on any of the category to view the products.



 Step 2 : The "Online Shopping" Page

This is the "Online Shopping" page. You can view all our products that are available for online purchases here. You can select any categories either from the "Online Shopping" dropdown menu or from the "Categories" menu (in orange color) located just below the main menu (Jubah/Abaya, Tunic & etc).



Step 3 : Product Details Section

Scroll down a bit and you can see the Product Details section. This is where you can set your order for your online purchase.

  1. Subcategories List. Click on this dropdown list to see the available subcategories for this category.
  2. Sort By menu. Click on this dropdown list if you wish to arrange the product list according to the Latest / Oldest Products, Featured Products or Highest/Lowest price.
  3. Product List. This section holds the list of all available products for this category. You will see 9 thumbnails that represent 9 products on each page. If the number of products is more that 9, the remaining thumbnails will be on the next page. You can click on the page selector button at the bottom of the thumbnails list to view the remaining products.
  4. Search by Price. Click on this dropdown list if you wish to see the available product in a specific price range.
  5. Share button. Click on this button if you wish to share this product details on your social page (Facebook, twitter & etc) with your friends and families.
  6. Currency Converter. Click on this dropdown list if you wish to see the price and make purchase in different currency other than Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).
  7. This is the Product Name and Price.
  8. This is the Product Descriptions.
  9. The Size Chart will tell you the measurement for each size in inch.
  10. The Size List. Click on this dropdown list to select the desired size.
  11. The Color List. Click on this dropdown list to select the desired color.
  12. Enter the desired quantity in the Quantity field
  13. Finally, click on the Add to Cart button to add this product in your shopping cart. 


Step 4 :  Adding Products to the Cart

Once you have clicked on the "Add to Cart" button, you will see the following screen. It will list all the products that you have added to the shoping cart. If you wish to add more products, click on "Continue Shopping" and repeat Step 3. If you wish to proceed with your order, click "Checkout".


Step 5 : The Login Page

Once you have clicked "Checkout", you will see the following screen. If you are already registered with us, you may use your username and password to log in. If you still have not register with us, kindly register by clicking on the "Please Register" link.


Step 6 : Register with Jumana

Once you have clicked on the "Please Register" link, you will see the following online registration form. Please fill in your details and click "Register" to submit your registration.


 Step 7 : Email Verification

Once you have submitted your registration, please check your email for the verification email. This is to ensure that you have provided a valid email address. Please click on the login link provided in the email.



Step 8 : The Log in page

Clicking on the link in the verification email will brings you to the Log in page of the system. Key in the username and password that you have created in the registration form and click "Login".


Step 9 : Order list

Once logged in, you will be able to see all products that you have added to your cart previously. To proceed with the purchase, click "Checkout"


Step 10 : Checkout 1 - Confirm Address

The first step of checkout is to confirm your billing and shipping address. If everything is in order, click "Continue to Checkout"



Step 11 : Checkout 2 - Choosing a Shipping Method

The next step of the checkout process is to select the Shipping Method that will be used to deliver this product. You will be able to see the shipping company (i.e. PosLaju) and the shipping rate. Click "Proceed" to continue.



Step 12 : Checkout 3 - Select Payment Method

Finally, you need to select the payment method - "Paypal", "iPay88" or "Offline Payment" and agree with the terms and conditions. If everything is in order, click on "Confirm Order". This will save the order in the system. If you choose either Paypal or iPay88, you will be redirected to their system. Kindly follow the payment instruction to proceed. If you choose "Offline Payment", an invoice will be sent to your email and you will have to make payment within 24 hours. We will process your order and make the delivery once the payment has been made.


For iPay88, payments can be made via these banks



Should you have any question, kindly contact us via email, phone call or sms :

  • Email:
  • Mobile: 019-4484340
  • YM ID:
  • Facebook: Ida JubahOnline

For "Offline Payment", kindly make payment to the following bank account:

  • Account Name : Jumana Couture Sdn Bhd
  • Bank : Maybank
  • Account No.: 562759113359

Please email the proof of payment to Payment must be made within 24 hours after confirming your order. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled automatically.


* All sales are final. No exchange or returns allowed. If there is any concern, kindly email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is our main priority besides delivering you with quality products at great prices.